How it Works

Q: How much power is used to activate the CamoTag™?

A: Very little power is required. (3 watts) The same as an LED.

Q: What size plate covers do you offer with the CamoTag™?

A: Standard North American or Canadian automotive licence plate.

Q: Can a regular switch be used to operate instead of or in addition to the provided remote control?

A: Yes. - Contact your local car audio/video installation shop. CamoTag™ is compatible with any 12vdc power inverter that has an output range of 60vac - 120vac.

Q: What is the temperature operating range?

A: Our products have been tested in temperature ranges from -40c to 100c with no visible variation.

Q: How quickly does the CamoTag™ respond when powered on or off?

A: 1/100th of a second.

Today's technology makes it too easy to obtain your personal information including name, address and in some cases, your phone number and other personal identification by searching your license plate number. This can be done either through several on-line internet services or through your local motor vehicle licensing office and some times a simple phone call. When you're showing your labor of love hot rod or classic car at a show, many people will take photos and post them online. These pictures will almost always contain your liscence plate number making your pride and joy volurnable to these short falls.

The CamoTag™ cover consists of Genuine Smart Tint™ housed in a scratch resistant plexiglass shell. When the CamoTag is not powered the Smart Tint is completely opaque which obscures the plate and tag information. When the Camotag™ is powered on with any 12vdc mobile power inverter that has an output range of 60-120vac the Camotag™ becomes transparent. Always check your local laws before installing any devise which is capable of completely obscuring your license plate information. CamoTag™ is intended for off-road and car show purposes only.

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